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Welcome to my portafolio


Hello everyone, I am alejandro and i'm a illustrator based in valparaiso chile.

My work is a mixture of photomanipulation and digital illustrations.

I like to call "photoillustration". Basically, it is a collage made from images (stocks) and then turned to the format, to transform them into drawings for creating scenes of artistic content. More >...

El profeta, is a artwork in contribution in one of the chapters of depthcore group, called Mythic. where this time, the group tries to capture the concepts of fantasy, myths and legends, philosophy among other themes in relation with magic stories and tales...

Featured  - Katherine

Katherine is a girl who wanders from town to town in search of adventure.

confesses to being one of the brides charles bukowski.

she's addicted to alcohol, tobacco and coffee. has about 45 years of age.

and she are always in trouble.


This presonje It was designed for any print clothing line.

both male and female.. You can see more details of this project on Behance.

All rights reserved under copyright protection

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